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How to remove your mindset blocks

“Everyone else is already doing it, so I can’t.”

“I don’t even know where to start…so I end up doing nothing.”

“I know what I want to create and I can see it in my mind, but something keeps holding me back from actually taking action.”

So these are sentences I hear from the women I work with on a nearly weekly basis.  And for realz…it doesn’t matter if they want to start a lifestyle blog,  a consulting business, or a network marketing business; the roadblocks they experience to building their visions are VERY much the same.

And maybe it’s because we are women and we almost relish in overthinking any endeavor (or maybe that is just me?!)  But we tend to get allow this teeny, tiny little voice inside our head whisper things over and over again until BOOM!!!  And then one day, we start to actually believe it.

So instead of sitting down and outlining plans for that interior design blog or finally creating that Facebook business page you’ve been talking about…nothing happens.


And man, I’ve totally been here myself multiple times!  I mean, I probably took a good 6 months of overthinking and battling reasons why it would never work BEFORE I sat down late one night clutching that glorious glass of Pinot and said “To hell with it…I’m doing this!”  That night, I stayed up until 2:00am creating my first blog…and then I woke up the next day wondering what the heck took me so long?!

So below is an action plan for each of these major mental hurdles every online biz chick has probably told herself.  Find which one relates most to YOU and let’s break through to the other side, shall we?!


Everybody else id already doing it

Oh gah.

What you are basically telling yourself is that because Beyoncé and Gaga are already singers, you should not sing.

But here’s the thing:::  There is no one else like YOU in this world.  No one else has your voice + gifts + story + perspective.  Maybe you haven’t embraced this yet (in which we should talk)…but you are unique!

When you {often unknowingly} second guess your own potential is when you give yourself permission to feel unworthy to breath the same air as others you feel are “already successful” in a certain niche.

>>> You must believe there is enough success for everyone! <<<

You must realize that you aren’t in competition with anyone!  There is no such thing as competition when it’s just YOU growing your own brand + business online with your one-of-a-kind voice and heart!

I mean, that’s kinda freeing to think about, right?!  You have this amazing ability that is limitless…the lid on your potential is exactly where YOU decide to place it.

So do this –> So when you see other women who are having success doing what you want to do, try sending them some love!  Celebrate their success by commenting on their Instagram post or better yet, send them a quick message to congratulate them!

Because here’s the thing, when you celebrate others success with the mindset that there is enough opportunity for everyone…you automatically are building an abundance mindset!  And an abundance mindset is the ticket to success!


Everybody else is already doing it

Analysis Paralysis is an epidemic in many entrepreneurial minded women.  Usually, we allow the simplest of things to hold us back.  And the shiz we say is a LIE!  Because you are an intelligent adult woman who can do hard things!  And if you can’t do them at first, you are going to gosh darn figure it out!

So teeny weeny things like this are examples of analysis paralysis:::

“I don’t have anything interesting to say on social media…so I don’t post anything.”

“I am so not tech savvy…so I wouldn’t know how to even create a blog.”

Ummm…so if you are focused on the reasons why something won’t work, then you need to get in touch with your life vision ASAP.  Because if I told that you I was going to kidnap your dog and hold him ransom without food or water, I bet you would get that blog up in no time!

Our reasons why must outweigh our excuses.

And to me, the idea that you might not be living your best life as you hold yourself back is a serious concept to reflect on.

So do this –> Employ Mel Robbin’s “5 Second Rule” and the next time you think about taking action, count backwards from 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 ….and take action before you get to 1!  Go brain dead and do the dang thang!


I know what I want to create

When I hear this type of statement from a client, I immediately identify FEAR as the driving force.

When I first started blogging, I feared big time what people would think of me.  Will they think I am a poser?  Would they make fun of me?  Would they tell me I have no business writing a blog?

I convinced myself that no one would ever find my blog so those were all baseless fears.  I told only 2 people I wrote a blog in the first year I had it…but by then it had grown to over 250k pageviews a month.

And guess what??  People DID make fun of me and say mean things occasionally…and I survived. LOL!  In fact, I became stronger because realizing that our fears that hold us back are actually not all that bad in reality is kinda awesome.

And you realize that watching someone else totally go for it can be incredibly upsetting to the woman who’s spent a lifetime building a solid case for why they themselves can’t.

And that’s not your problem.

So do this –>  Pick one small action and do it.  Say out loud to yourself, “Done beats perfect” and do the dang thang.  If you want to join an MLM, sign up.  If you want to create a website, give yourself a 5 minute limit for choosing a name and then jump online and create the darn page.

But the minute you quit trying to be perfect and just jump is when you’ll set yourself free!  (pssst!  Perfect is boring anyway 😉

So cheers to taking action and starting the next chapter of your journey sooner rather than later!!  Because carpe diem beotches! 😉 

Marion xo

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