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1 – Washing my own hair

45 minutes had passed and my hair STILL looked like it was screaming for a hat. “What a waste of time!” I thought to myself as I continued to comb + spray + flat iron away to no avail (fun fact: I have naturally VERY curly, crazy hair! But not the fun Shirley Temple kinda curl…more like curls with a meth addiction and a non-compliant outlook on life). I then thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just go get blowouts every 4 days?” And then I sat there and wondered, “Wait…why can’t I?”

After much reflection, it turned out that the #1 reason I was holding back from that idea was because it seemed SO indulgent. Like…who does that?! Do I think I’m Beyoncé or something?!

But honestly…here I am a grown arse woman who runs two successful businesses while momming so hard and I’m considering one small thing like that as “indulgent”?

So now I actually WORK during that hour while someone with actual skill handles my hair. Win-win! Which leads me to #2…

2 – Feeling guilty for self-care

Do you ever feel guilty for taking care of yourself? How about for doing things you really enjoy like reading novels, Netflix binging or ordering GrubHub when you *know* you should be a “responsible adult” and make dinner but your tank is just freakin’ empty!?

I’ll be turning 40 this year (!!!!) and I suppose I’m just kinda at a point now that I refuse to apply guilt to my own mindset (and as a Catholic I’m super good at the guilt game haha!) In fact, we all should be doing MORE self-care!

I’ve found that I’m more productive + happy + focused when I invest time in myself. So now when I feel that good ol’ familiar guilt start to rise up in my mind when I’m on a long walk or reading something fluffy yet fun like the Betch’s Bachelor Recaps (um, they’re hilarious and totally indulgent to read) I command that feeling to go away. I always get my work done and living a little life along the way is how I want to actually live!

3 – Leaving my phone on at night

Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof, was speaking at a Tony Robbins conference I attended last year and shared that he has his smartphone on airplane mode at night so that he isn’t exposed to electromagnetic radiation while he sleeps (since he is like most of us and uses his phone as his alarm clock so it was bedside). I heard that, quickly overcame my initial shock that I’m unknowingly sleeping next to a radiation bomb, and did some research of my own and was sold!

And because I have been looking for an excuse to cut myself from social media for a percentage of each day (more self care yo!), I turn my phone on airplane mode now starting at 8pm (so that I’m dialed 100% into kick back family time) and it doesn’t go back on until my alarm clock sounds the next morning! It’s glorious.

4 – Ignoring my own intuition

You know that whole feeling in your gut that you have about certain people or an opportunity? Yeah…I somehow fell into this bad habit of second guessing my gut instincts (or even ignoring them altogether!). What happened as a result? Business slowed and momentum stalled. I was basically trying to drive my car using everyone else’s roadmap! But HEY! I have my own road map (we all do!) and our car ride is WAY more scenic and enjoyable when we follow our intuition. So 2018 is ALL about trusting that inner compass!!

5 – Excusing other people’s poopy behavior

I have always been the queen of shoveling empathy and love toward people who are meanies. My go-to response when I witnessed or was on the receiving end of a beotchy comment was “Oh, that was a hurtful thing to say…she must be having a bad day.”

I then said that out loud in front of Troy a few months ago to which he replied, “Well that doesn’t give her the right to treat other people that way.” And BOOM! All of a sudden, it made a little more sense (did I mention I am almost 40 so it seems like I should have realized these things a long time ago! LOL!)

But here I thought I was practicing empathy by choosing this response, but by doing so I was passively giving someone permission to be a jerk to another human being…which should never be acceptable. We all have bad days and yet grace and manners should always be present.

6 – Waiting for everything to be perfect before taking the leap

This kinda goes back to the whole “trusting my intuition” thing and just get going!! Gah…I allowed WAY too many projects and desires fall down the priority list in 2017 simply because I was wanting all the pieces to make sense before taking action. Well, turns out that waiting until you’re ready means you basically just keep waiting. That’s NO way to GSD!

So this year’s action plan is “DONE BEATS PERFECT” and I’m just going for it! Leaping before the overthinking kicks in 😉

7 – Stepping foot into a grocery store

It was Sunday morning on January 7th. Cooper AND Troy were sick and the house was a mess. I was running around trying to do all.the.things and then I remembered I still needed to meal plan + make my grocery shopping list + drag my tired bootie to Whole Foods to grocery shop. As I complained about it to Troy he looked at me and asked “Babe, why don’t you just order groceries?” (I just realized that Troy is credited with saying TWO very intelligent things in this post…and I know he will be reading this as he reads everything I write so “good job babe!” Ha!).

So I grabbed my cookbooks + recipes I’ve bookmarked on my favorite food blogs and I opened up Amazon Fresh and VOILA! 20 minutes later I was done-zo and feeling far less stressed! UNEXPECTED BONUS: I actually saved money because 1) you can track your total amount your spending as you go and adjust as needed and 2) not nearly as many impulse buys this way! New Sunday morning tradition!

So there it is! 7 things I’m leaving in the dust this year!

NOW how about YOU! What is ONE THING you are saying “Buh-bye” to in 2018?!!


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